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Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are you have not had a lot of experience hiring a DJ/MC. The good news is Music De-Lite DJ Service has over 27 years of experience entertaining for weddings and special events throughout Puget Sound. We've seen what does and does not work. Our insight will give you valuable pointers and peace of mind.

Over the years, we’ve had questions from people that want to know more about our level of DJ/MC experience, service policies and what’s included when booking our professional service. Below are the most commonly asked questions. Have a question that’s not answered here, please call us anytime at 360-456-1578.

1. Do you have experience with my type of event?
Yes. Music De-Lite has been providing professional DJ entertainment throughout Puget Sound since 1976. We have performed at thousands of successful events ranging from wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday parties, holiday parties, school dances, sock hops, mitzvahs, anniversaries, car shows, reunions, graduations, etc. We take pride in providing the finest in "Value-Based" DJ services to all of our customers.

2. Do you provide planning assistance?
Yes. Proper planning is a critical part to insuring your event is organized and runs smoothly. Please call us at 360-456-1578, our Event Planning Specialist will answer any questions you may have. You can also schedule a free in-person planning consultation so we may best help you personalize your event. We are a professional, full-time DJ company committed to making your special event's memories last a lifetime!

3. How extensive is your music library, can we make requests?

Yes. Our DJ music library features over 250,000 songs covering every format from the 1920’s up to today’s new songs as they come out. We encourage you to make a list of 10 - 15 "Do Play" and any "Don’t Play" songs. For example: If you don't want the “chicken dance” or “hokey pokey” played, we promise not to play them. We also have an extensive selection of music available for your wedding ceremony or themed event.

4. Do you include MC service and event coordination?
Yes. We are competent Master of Ceremonies. For a wedding, we'll coordinate and announce the grand entrance, cake cutting, start of dinner, bouquet toss and garter throw, and anything else you wish for us to professionally manage. You will never hear us swear, tell dumb jokes, yell or act cheesy on the microphone. We will use our skills professionally and never embarrass you or steal the spotlight. You and your guests will enjoy tasteful, polished DJ/MC entertainment that inspires everyone to stay and dance the night away!


5. Do you include a cordless microphone for speeches/toasting?
Yes. Our DJ service includes a cordless microphone for speeches and toasting. We also have a backup microphone on hand as an extra source. You'll enjoy quality clear sound from our microphone system.

6. Can you provide a projector/screen for a slide show?
Yes. We offer professional-grade AV equipment at a minimal cost to you. Includes set-up/tear-down.

7. Can you play the music for our wedding ceremony?
Yes. We are Ceremony Music Experts. We'd be delighted to play the special songs for your ceremony with perfect timing and setup an unobtrusive sound system with a cordless microphones to clearly amplify your vows, the officiant, readings and vocalists.

8. Do you play cocktail/dinner music? How loud do you play?
Yes. We will play continuous music at a conversational volume during your social/cocktail hour and dinner time. When the dancing starts we will keep the music volume at a pleasant level so your guests will stay to enjoy themselves and dance the night away, and not be blown out of the room with excessive loud volume!


9. Do you have a light show?
Yes. We offer basic to extraordinary light shows and unique special effects. It just depends on what you want to distinctively set your event apart from the norm. Music De-Lite is also an AV Production Company. We have the ability to provide almost any type of lighting available in the market today at a minimal cost to you. Our clients love adding the "Wow-Factor" to their event with our high quality up-lighting, cake lighting and monogram/projection. Give us a call, we can recommend what’s most appropriate for your event venue.


10. Can you provide music in multiple rooms or locations?
Yes. We do this often for weddings when the ceremony is outside or in a separate room from the reception. You surely don’t want your DJ disrupting and delaying your special event by moving equipment from one location to the other. We also recommend independent sound systems when your cocktail hour, dinner or dancing are held in different areas. The cost is minimal, but it makes for a much better entertainment experience you and your guests will remember forever!

11. How much do your DJ services cost?
We promise you "personalized service" therefore our rate can vary depending on your requirements. Each event is priced accordingly: event date, number of hours, location, the DJ/MC you select, sound, lighting and video equipment desired all factor in to your final cost. Pricing typically ranges from $495-$1800. Please call us for a precise quote. We book on a first-come, first-served basis. Call soon: 360-456-1578.

12. How far ahead should I book my Music De-Lite DJ?
We generally fill up about 6 months to a year in advance. It is a funny industry. We can have few bookings one week and be booked solid the next, so don't wait too long. The best thing to do is to call and check your date. No obligation to book us, but if you do decide to secure your date, we have a simple booking process. For your peace of mind, our services are retained by signing a contract. Upon doing so, we'll send you our “exclusive” perfect event planning forms and extensive music lists to guide you along in creating your dream celebration!

13. Who's the DJ for my event and have they been properly trained?
Yes. We feature 4 well-trained highly-skilled DJs (male and female) that are also excellent MCs and expert timeline coordinators. No newbie or amateur DJ will be handling your event. Our least experience person has over 15 years of DJ experience. You can also request a specific DJ/MC from our company to work your event.

14. Do you charge a set-up/tear-down fees?
No. We won't charge you extra for our set-up/tear-down time, going up stairs or loading on a boat.

        For a fully-personalized, fun event call Music De-Lite at 360-456-1578.

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